Bernice Adams

Missing Cabaret Owner


Bernice was adopted by the Adams family in her youth, perhaps during their many travels. She was named Clarence then, and completely adored by her elder sister Esme. Though her coming out was hard on the family at first, they quickly grew to accept her for who she was, and helped fund her cabaret ventures, which became wildly successful. She is noted to be the most beautiful woman in town by many, as well as the most entertaining company.

Bernice was fast friends with Cate Hoffman and Oswald Bates, and was distressed when the latter was imprisoned. Her recent disappearance is somehow connected, though the details are unclear. All that is known is that Esme found a pile of corpses in her dressing room one evening, each with a chunk of flesh removed, and that those who may have taken her are involved with the Cult of Chaugnar Faugn.

Bernice Adams

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