Cate Hoffman

The Prying Academic


Cate’s elderly relatives raised her.
She is quick to come up with new ideas.
Cate’s old tutor lives in town, and often debates with her.

In her later years of study, her connections in the world of academia saw her placed as an assistant to a renowned professor.
The two went on archaeological digs all over the world.
The professor later went on to commit a terrible crime, and Cate was forced to track them down. Douglas Firman calmed her after the trial.
Cate took up her professor’s position at the university, and is backed by a wealthy patron. She is incredibly wealthy.

Cate’s professor, Oswald Bates, was discovered to be a woman upon her arrival in prison. Her birth name is Virginia. Cate often frequents the cabaret, headed up by Bernice Adams, who was once upon a time called Clarence by her unsuspecting sister Esme.

Cate Hoffman

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