Devona Dalston (R.I.P)

You will be fine.


Devona Dalston is a well known wanton in the town of Oxley, being perhaps the only one to ignore the docks entirely. Many often suspected she was hoping to find herself a wealthy spouse and a better life, and looked upon her friendship with Elmer Firman with suspicion until she was seen upon the arm of Gordon Manton, a junior professor at the university.

Her attempts to climb the social ladder hid a much deeper secret; her involvement with the cult of Chaugnar Faugn, perhaps as more than just a lackey. So desperate was she to convert members of the party to the cult for their own good that she told them of the old one’s existence, that the cult’s cannibalistic rituals served to protect them from his wrath, and that there was some kind of connection between the Firmans and the cult of old.

Alas, more could not be gleaned, as Elmer Firman convinced the group to set the house she was sharing with Gordon Manton on fire, causing the two to attack the party. It did not end well.

Devona Dalston (R.I.P)

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