Elmer Firman

The Beleaguered Beneficiary


Elmer was orphaned, and raised in the workhouse.
His athletic prowess was the envy of his peers.
A lonely child, he confided in a pet instead of peers.

Adopted by the Firmans, he soon moved to their home in Oxley, by the sea. He never met the family patriarch, who kept himself locked away due to his odd facial features.
One day Clarence Firman went missing, and has been gone so long that he is presumed dead.
At the funeral, a friend of his ‘grandfather’ would not cease pestering him. His adopted cousin Leonard distracted them long enough for Elmer to get away.
Clarence left Elmer a map in his will, along with his entire estate.

Elmer is now the only legally recognised Firman, and is not ashamed to spend the money doing all the things he expects the wealthy to do. Thus, he is the patron of Lora Lafayette’s artistic works, has engaged in an unlikely friendship with Devona Dalston, a local wanton, and and has hired a Majordomo for the estate, by name of Herbert Morris.

Elmer Firman

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