Leonard Firman

The Addled Itinerant


His parents were socialites, and ensured he knew the ins and outs of high society.
He would lead his friends on hiking trips, showing them beautiful unknown vistas.
The Firmans were close to the local priest, who would always listen to his woes.

Leonard’s good name was tarnished by a rival; they battled to outspend each other and both fell destitute.
In the time since, he has developed a severe speech impediment.
Whenever he is alone, he feels eyes on him. The academic, Cate Hoffman, shelters him in her home when it becomes unbearable.
He is friends with another vagrant who feigns illness for coin.

Leonard is the eldest of the Firman brothers, and the most prominent of their disgraces are by his hand. His attempts to reach the very pinnacles of high society ended after a soiree designed to end all soirees left his branch of the family entirely penniless. There was an elephant.

Leonard Firman

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