Lora Lafayette

The Creative Clairvoyant


Lora’s parents are members of high society, and thus she knows how to make her way through its upper circles.
She was known for her great love of books in her childhood.
Unsurprisingly, the owner of the local bookshop will always order in whatever tome she seeks.

In adulthood, Lora came to some fame as an actress, eventually going on to direct plays of her own.
Lately, her dreams have been haunted by images of the dead, beckoning her close.
The dreams have grown worse of late, and for a while took a toll on her sanity. Elmer Firman, her patron, remained with her during this time, and ensured she was well cared for.
Lora was able to purchase a cottage by the sea with the money from her creative career, and will spend time there when she needs to be away from it all.

The Lafayette Family tend to the bodies and souls of the deceased, and have done for many generations. As such, she is acquainted with the graveyard’s groundskeeper, Jeffrey Brinton. She also keeps up her friendship with Maurice Wentworth, the bookstore owner.

Lora Lafayette

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