Russell Lafayette (R.I.P)

Disgraced relative of Lora, rival to Leonard, and informant to Eugene.


Born with the good fortune of being an Oxley Lafayette, an established family with the respect of everyone in town. He was guaranteed a future following his father into the priesthood, working in his aunt and uncle’s mortuary, or investing in his education to any end he desired.

Instead, Russell Lafayette started up a grand rivalry with one-time friend Leonard Firman, and before he blew the family fortune on soirees and social grandstanding, his family cut him off and disowned him.

Homeless for some time, he could often be found seeking panhandling by the docks, never quite daring to go back to his family’s estates, though time may have soothed his father’s anger. Eugene Wentworth would often pay Russell for information he may have picked up, and so he often kept his ear to the ground.

Russell recently passed away during the storm that turned the ocean red. Cate Hoffman tried to save him, but to no avail. His body has yet to be found.

Russell Lafayette (R.I.P)

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