A Record of the Strange Events in the Town of Oxley

Two weeks ago, Elmer Firman began to have terrible dreams, and his every waking moment is haunted.

Two weeks ago, Old Gran felt something greatly wrong in the air and sent Douglas Firman to the woods outside of town to find an old medicinal herb. He was unable to bring back exactly what she needed, but she was able to create a salve for him should he need it in the coming weeks.

Last week the priest fled town, but not before meeting with Eugene Wentworth, upon whom he bestowed a quick blessing before getting on the train.

One week ago, the ocean ran red with blood following a horrendous storm. Many townspeople felt drawn to the ocean, and Cate Hoffman failed to save Russell Lafayette. 

Two nights ago, a stranger speaking a strange tongue came to the inn and attacked its patrons. Eugene Firman tried to stop him, but could not prevent him from killing the innkeeper before he ran off into the night.

Snow has been falling steadily, even though it is not yet fall. Lora Lafayette heard rumours of townspeople vanishing into the mountains around the time of the odd change in weather.


A Record of the Strange Events in the Town of Oxley

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