The Firman Family

One of Oxley's older families, and one plagued by scandal.

Clarence Firman – family patriarch, disappointed in his grandsons. Adopted a young boy as his grandson and left him a map.

Osmund Firman - Clarence's younger brother, an old sailor who won't go near his family's ancestral home.

Lavinia and Herbert Firman - parents to Leonard Firman, deceased.

George and Martha Firman – parents to Douglas Firman, deceased. Apparently big into puns.

Leonard Firman – frittered away the family fortune trying to outdo a rival, now a vagrant.

Douglar Firman - joined a cult in his teens and was disowned by his family, now back on his feet.

Elmer Firman – adopted into the family, and its heir apparent, Elmer is a patron of the arts.

The Firman Family

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